Earth Day 2020

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One of Little Wander Shop's favorite holidays is Earth Day. Each year on 4/22, I like to highlight what we do to help preserve the earth and make a difference with our shop. This year, for Earth Day's 50th anniversary, I'd love to do something even more special!


Using found materials-

By upcycling things like keys and bullet shells, we are reducing trash and breathing new life into otherwise landfill-bound items. Shop here

Choosing minimal waste packaging-

If you've ordered from me, you may notice my items don't come wrapped in cellophane. Instead, I use tissue paper and reusable cardboard. Although some of my packaging could be considered one-time use, I'm constantly looking for cost-effective alternatives. I encourage local pick-up and participate in many markets to help reduce the need for single-use shipping materials.

Creating consciously- 

When choosing materials for my items, I spend time researching where my supplies come from. Most items are ethically sourced and made in the USA. My shirts are Bella+Canvas brand which is WRAP certified. I'm always looking for ways to improve each item, as well.


This month's launch will help me move forward with adding an earth-friendly alternative to your daily life. I will be releasing eco-friendly, reusable tote bags that will help replace 3-4 plastic shopping bags each trip! I have been wanting to do something with the design I've had bouncing around in my head for months and what better time and product than a tote for Earth Day. Not only is the design hand drawn by me, but locally screen-printed by another small business. I hope to help you replace your plastic bags at the store, bags for the gym or bags for kiddo things! Click here for the Facebook event with launch details! Don't forget to mark yourself "Going" to be entered into the giveaway!


With each tote bag purchase during launch week, I will be including a North American Wildflower seed paper earth card to grow a little something beautiful on your own!

Wildflower Seed Card

Remember: We don't need a handful of people making a difference perfectlyWe need millions of people doing it imperfectly.


Looking for some fun ideas to help celebrate Earth Day after you purchase your tote?

▼ Check out these fun ideas: ▼


What do you do to show Mother Earth some love? Let me know in the comments some new ideas! 


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  • I help the Earth by purchasing from small business, particularly from the Little Wander Shop for their upcycled items. Love them!!

    Georgette on

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