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     It's October so that means it's time to celebrate my FAVORITE holiday of the year... Halloween! If you know me and my family, you know we like to go all out with our decor and costumes! Each year, our family costume is based on a movie or theme. I thought I'd share some from recent years! 

     As is the theme for most other projects, I DIY and thrift most pieces to create each costume. 


Peter Pan, Wendy and Captain Hook

     This was our oldest son's first Halloween! Unfortunately, my husband was deployed at the time so he wasn't able to participate. My best friend stepped up and took on the role of Captain Hook! I was Wendy to my little Peter Pan! Still, one of my favorite Halloween memories, even though he was so little.

Beauty and the Beast

     My favorite Disney movie come to life! Naturally, I was Belle and my husband was the one-and-only Gaston. Of course, our little beast was sweet in his role.


Disney's Up

     This has been one of the most featured and beloved costumes of all! We even won second place in a costume contest, only because the judge wasn't familiar with the movie! Russell stole hearts with his badges and balloon and I was the infamous snipe, Kevin! Dad stepped in as the grumpy Mr Frederickson and our pups even joined in as Dug {in her cone of shame} and Alpha!

Mary Poppins and Co.

     We added a little penguin in 2017 and Mary Poppins and Bert couldn't be more thrilled! Our sweet chimney sweep loved this costume, mostly for the sweeper! 


You may see our picture floating around Pinterest and featured here in Pure Wow's 33 of the Best Family Costumes article!

Classic Halloween Characters

     For as long as we've done family costumes, I've wanted to do this theme! I've been obsessed with classic Halloween since I was a kid watching Disney Halloween specials and checking out every Halloween book our tiny library had to offer. I chose the witch for myself and my oldest made the perfect little vampire. He definitely needed a sidekick so a bat costume was great for our 2-year-old. My husband was comfortable in his werewolf costume which was trickier to make then it looked! Our big boy chocolate lab looked adorable in his ghost costume! Still probably one of my favorite pictures I've taken of him. Sadly, the bandages on our little old lady puggle were real as she was attacked by a dog only days before halloween! We rolled with it and she was our Mummy. 

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

     This is one of our favorite movies and our littlest is a wild one. He made the perfect Ace specifically from the institution scene! I was Melissa Robinson and my husband was a shady oaks doctor. My oldest was Ace's nemesis, Ray Finkle complete with his signature line, "laces out", on his face


Side Show Circus

     I had the most fun assembling these costumes! My parents even jumped in this year! I was inspired by Madame Leota from Disney's The haunted Mansion. I couldn't wait to piece together my costume specifically. I happened to find my skirt on Facebook marketplace as soon as I opened it! I knew it was meant to be. Like marketplace was "reading my mind". 😉 Our oldest son loves magic tricks and magicians so he, of course, wanted to don the hat! My mom was his assistant with a steampunk twist. Our youngest made the perfect Strong Man and loved his mustache! My dad, as our family's resident juggler, naturally stepped into that role. No sideshow is complete without a Barker, which my husband was rounding out our gang! 



     I can't wait to share what's up our sleeve for this year! Keep an eye out on my Instagram and Facebook pages. If you try any of our looks or have a fun family costume, tag me! {@littlemamawandering} I'd love to see them! Happy Halloween 🎃



     Here's a few quick costumes we've done for events and school spirit days. I felt like they deserved an honorable mention! 


     2019's theme for HoCo spirit week was "Through the Years". We had a blast coming up with each decade's outfit. Of course, I had to explain pretty much every one to our son who was born in 2014!







     Little man and I hit up a Halloween party just the two of us. It was somewhat last minute so we matched in our scarecrow costumes! I don't know how scary he would be, but he sure looked cute!

Construction Worker

Our oldest had a preschool costume party and was obsessed with construction everything, as kids are at that age. A construction worker was not too hard of a sell!




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