Earth Day 2021

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        Earth Day is one of my favorite holidays. We get to celebrate our home and bring attention to those who try and make this world a better place each day. Individuals who make eco-conscious choices are amazing, but brands who make choices to keep things "green" need to be recognized for their dedication to the cause. As a business owner myself, I know how much work goes into making business decisions, let alone ones that aren't adding to landfill waste. Check out a few of my favorite earth-friendly brands below!


Blueberry Circus

        I discovered this brand on Instagram and her upbeat posts and cute pieces made me a quick follower! Sara creates unique and fun pieces by upcycling clothing! I can't get enough of her beautiful colors, patches and embellishments. Your hippie heart will fall in love with her vibe and you can feel good about shopping her collection of redesigned items! 


Darling Collected

        Angelina brings life back to thrifted items by curating a collection of shoppable pieces perfect for your home. Check out what she's got for sale on her Instagram! By reusing thrifted items in your home, you are preventing that item from ending up in a landfill, supporting multiple small businesses and, of course, continuing it's story by adding something unique to your home.


Nothing Fancy Supply

        Colleen sums it up perfectly with her mission statement: inspiring small changes for a big impact. I'm a big believer that being eco-friendly starts with little improvements and slowly transforming them into a bigger impact. Nothing Fancy Supply does just that with her beeswax food wraps. These are a great way to reduce plastic waste.


Nadine & Mina

        Tammy is your go-to for GORGEOUS vintage table decor for your next event. Love the look of stunning, classic pieces but don't want to take on the commitment to find and own them? This company has the perfect solution. By renting your table items, you can enjoy the look and create the scene plus have your pick from her extensive collection! Refusing to purchase new items and choosing a rental alternative prevents waste from single use items. {And you won't get stuck trying to unload it after your big event!}


Little Wander Shop

        My own small business features upcycled items to create one-of-a-kind, unique pieces. I pride myself on creating with vintage or found components to keep waste down. My pieces are packaged and shipped with as little plastic as possible. Being mindful of the materials I use is part of my commitment to being an eco-friendly shop! I hope to inspire others by setting an example for my customers and fellow business owners. Check out my newest shop addition locally printed with our favorite hand-drawn design!  



        Want a few more ways to celebrate Earth Day this year {and years to come?} It's as simple as stepping back into the way-back machine... Let's review our 5-R's!

Reduce- In the past several years, I've been learning of ways to reduce waste around our home. By composting our kitchen scraps, I'm able to make my own garden soil and plant fertilizer. Something that goes hand-in-hand with food waste is meal planning. By planning out your week's meals, you don't end up with a lot of "extra" items that could go unused and, in turn, wasted. 

Recycle- This one is pretty basic. Utilizing your local recycling service is pretty common but this step should really only be used as a last resort after the other R's. Recycling only saves a small percentage of what goes into the bin. Instead, try the other R's and only toss what's absolutely necessary into your recycling can. Choose to purchase recycled paper products and bags, add a little money to a fund for recycled benches in your local parks or look around your office and see which products can be replaced with recycled versions {ie. ink carriages, batteries, printer paper}

Reuse- Take a few extra minutes to wash out containers to use them again. Have an old blanket you're planning to toss? Use it as stuffing for a dog bed or floor pouf! One of my favorite decor tips falls into this category. "Shop your home." It's really what it sounds like. Before heading to the store to style your shelves, take a look around your home and see what you could use first. Have an item for a while and are falling out of love with it? Slap a new paint color on it and move it somewhere new in your home. Elongate the life of pieces by finding a new spot for it... plus, your wallet will thank you!

Repair- Support your local woodworker, seamstress, welder shop, and handyman! By choosing to repair items that don't quite work anymore, you can support small businesses while also giving a little more life to your favorite jacket, or gate, or table that wobbles a little. If possible, fix it first! Try learning a new skill by checking out the extensive list of tutorials on YouTube. You may surprise yourself!

Refuse- This is really the first step. By becoming conscious of the items you use that are single-use, you're able to refuse them and find ways to replace. One of my favorite refusal techniques is at the grocery store. I almost NEVER take plastic bags... or paper. I simply scan the items and place them right back into the cart. Once I'm at my trunk, I use a laundry basket or grocery sorter to load up. You can get really creative with this like bringing your own take-away containers to restaurants or shopping at refill stores that allow you to refill your own containers! 


        I hope you're inspired to celebrate our beautiful Earth today and every day. If you'd like more ideas, follow us on Pinterest!  What are some ways you give our Earth some love?


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