An Extrovert's Guide To Being An Introvert

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     This is a trying time for us all. We're being forced into roles that we don't normally have to be. Some of us are becoming teachers, some of us are making more dinners in a row than we've done...well, ever. One thing that seems to be a common topic, is that everyone is living a more introverted lifestyle suddenly. For all of you extroverts out there, this is probably a rude awakening... but for us introverts, this is our jam. Fear not Friends, I'm here with a comprehensive guide to being an introvert that might help you adjust a little bit! You know you can trust us, we're social distancing experts. 😉


Home Life

  • Sign up for informed delivery An introvert's dream is not stepping foot outside for anyyythinggg. This includes the walk-of-shame to the mailbox after a couple days of binging for... you know self care. "The sun is so bright and there's too much air out here" can be heard whispered under my breath during the long walk down the driveway. REJOICE! USPS offers a magical little sneak peek into your incoming mail and packages delivered safely out of the public eye, direct to your inbox! Genius right? Junk mail coming today? Don't bother switching into those ok-to-wear-in-public yoga pants or bra, it can wait.
  • Freshen those sheets. What feels better than climbing into a bed made with freshly washed sheets? I'll wait. While you're at it, doing some deep cleaning really refreshes your day. Look at things that don't get the love they need. Have dri-fit clothing? Workout gear? Check out recipes on Pinterest for getting that extra STANK out. Soak them in a vinegar/water mix to help get the residual odors out. What about your pillows or kiddo's stuffed buddies? Your shower curtain spends a LOT of time hanging around the bathroom. Change the liner, wash the curtain! Being home is the perfect time to tackle some deep cleaning projects.


Self Care

  • Take a shower. I mean, obviously. Maybe not though? Just because you're home and not stepping foot into public, doesn't mean hygiene needs to go out the window. It seems like it might not need to be said, but it's easy to let that slide. Cleanliness is still important, even if it's for your own damn self! Get your day off of you, shave your legs, wash your face and change your undies! You'll feel fresh, but also human, which is key to not becoming a true hermit.
  • Hands off your hair. If you're a chronic hair washer every other day of the week, give it a rest. Your hair and scalp will thank you. No need to style, no need for product, just throw it in a bun and let. it. be. That goes for scissors and hair dye too! Your stylist will thank you 😉
  • Put on a mask, in the middle of the day, on a Tuesday just because. Take the extra time you don't normally give your skin, and treat yo' face! It may seem strange timing at first, but any time you have a spare minute can be used for things like these. Hair and face mask recipes can be found on Pinterest if you're feeling Mad Scientist-ish or dig out that fancy product you've been saving for a special day. Today is that special day. Go for it!
  • Say it with me... NO GUILT! Didn't do any of those things above? Did them all? Didn't move from the couch for 2 full days? It's OK! Mental health is just as important as physical health. Give yourself a break. It's ok to rest. It's great to nap. It's even ok to veg in front of Netflix binging an entire series... it may judge you by asking if you're "still watching", but you don't have to judge yourself. Side note: I've been trying to get them to offer a "binge-mode" to keep the shows going without judgement. No luck so far. Should I start a petition??


  • Open the curtains, close the curtains. One of my favorite morning rituals is opening the curtains {Princess style of course.} first thing in the morning. I let the sunshine in and stand letting the light finish melting the sleep off. Each night, right around the time I wind down for the night I walk around to each window closing the drapes. This ritual starts the day, and ends it. Days can blur together when you're home multiple days in a row. Using small routines like this to initiate the start and end to your day help break them up.
  • Same time, same place? What's your favorite part of the day? Morning coffee for one? Lunch with all the fixin's? What about evening wind-down time with your favorite show and a glass of wine or late night treat? Finding something to look forward to each day and making a promise to never let it slide is great for building a healthy at-home routine. 
  • Chores... but slower. During your typical day, running around, in and out of the house, it's easy to let dishes pile up and laundry get out of control. While you're home, take the time to make things easier. Use a dish and rinse it off. Put ingredients away when your finish eating. It will make a huge difference when it comes time to tidy up at the end of the day. You have time to slow down, take advantage of it.


  • WHAT DAY IS IT?!? This is tricky... and sometimes it doesn't really matter but if you'd like to keep track: Each morning, check your phone. Check the date, and memorize it. Say the day in your head a couple times or think about what you usually do on that specific day of the week. One great thing about the introvert lifestyle is, it doesn't really matter what day of the week it is! Live each day within the morning and night and complete daily goals if you have them. Enjoy this freedom, especially if this is a temporary change for you.
  • Get some face time in. I know, I know. You miss your social life. Speaking as the resident Introvert, I do understand this. It's hard being told you can't go anywhere. Text friends and family daily, communicate more than normal and with people you haven't reached out to in a while. Utilize services like FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Messenger Video Chat, Snapchat Video Chat, Zoom, etc. Make lunch dates and happy hours virtually. Create a standing video chat date. These are great ways to curb the craving for social get-togethers.
  • Step out in the sun. I know, I know... introverts are supposed to be hermit shut-ins that could rival vampires for lack of sunlight needed. Wronggg. We introverts prefer to stay indoors, but still need vitamin-D as much as the next guy. Take a long stroll to the porch. Sit in a lawn chair on the patio. Do some outdoor house maintenance or gardening. You can still be a homebody out in the back yard! Breathe some fresh air, watch the critters, let your kiddos draw you a mural or show you 52198 identical jumps. Give yourself a breather in the sunshine. It's the perfect way to break up the monotony. 
  • Get creative with connecting! It's hard not having play dates. Hard on the kids, hard on the moms, hard on the dads dealing with the moms dealing with the kids that haven't had a play date in days. Find ways of connecting with your kid's friends like making a small care package that can be delivered on their doorstep, or set up a virtual playdate! You can even challenge friends through videos doing silly dances, exercises, singing songs or other competitive activities. Keep it going and give everyone something to look forward to! 
  • Watch what brings you joy. Not feeling the new Hulu Original? Not vibing with the show that everyone is raving about? Can't find something that tops your old trusty favorite? Turn it off! Don't waste "you time" watching something you're not in to. Turn on The Office for the one thousandth time and shamelessly rock out to that theme song! 


     From this introvert to you, I hope you found this helpful. Stepping out of our comfort zones can be hard sometimes. Being forced to change your personality definitely isn't easy either. If we see this time as an opportunity to grow and try something new, we can approach this temporary change with positivity. Have another suggestion? Post a comment below! Let's band together, introverts and extroverts unite!


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  • Diana, this is so true! I too am worried about that. I suppose we’ll just have to switch back to our usual introvert defenses and say we “have plans” 🤷‍♀️

    Little Wander Shop on
  • I’ve discussed this with fellow introverts and one thing we are concerned about, when all this is prayerfully over…all the extroverts will come crashing at us at once and it will overload our circuits. Fast! Im sending an SOS now😳. We will need guidance baby yoda😂

    Diana on

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