Halloween Home Decor Tour - 2020

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        Did you happen to catch my Halloween mantle and decor reveal over on Instagram? Halloween is my favorite holiday and this mantle was so fun to put together! I love changing it out seasonally and this month was such a treat. No pun intended... ok maybe a little intended! My mantle was just the beginning of our decorating. Check out the photos below and how I created our spooky space! If you know me, you know I like to find ways to do everything on a budget. Read on to see how I made these looks without spending a fortune!

Halloween Mantle with bat silhouettes garland rustic mantle with lighted candles and vintage window

        Bats: These guys are found throughout my house this time of year. I also found a pack of flying and perched birds last year on clearance at Walmart. I use painters or masking tape to hold them up on the walls and I'm able to peel it off and use them for years making this $1.98 {or less on clearance} purchase an absolute score! 



        BooksI thrifted all of my books for about $.25-$3 and simply remove the covers. I get asked a lot about my "backwards" books. It's pretty simple, if I don't like the bindings or lettering on the cover, I just turn them around and the pages all match. If I need a pop of a certain color, I use those books with the binding showing, and keep the rest backward for a neutral cream/ beige. They also add some great texture if the books are really old and hand-binded. 



        Bottles: My bottles are old and new. I have recently become hooked on amber glass! I know, I'm a little late to the party on that one. I have a mix of clear and amber that I've found either while we have been hiking, or clearing our property. Some of my look-a-like vintage bottles were purchased at our local wellness shop or Michael's craft store. Sometimes, if you look closely at what you're purchasing, jars and bottles have some really cool shapes under their grocery store labels. Just takes a hot hair dryer or heat gun to warm up the adhesive. The labels will peel right off! Layering bottles, old and new together, makes for some great dimension. 


        My windows, frames and mirrors were all picked from the trash or purchased on Facebook Marketplace for $5 or so. A little cleaning up or paint gives their vintage goodness a little pop! My two favorite mirrors were found on Marketplace for $5 each and have such great texture. They were stored in the back of a barn for who knows how long. Now they sit as feature pieces on our over-the-couch shelf! 


        My vase fillers: I recently stopped in at a local small home decor shop {The Mill House in Moscow Mills, MO} and snagged some great feathers for my mantle and on the way home pulled over on the side of the road to snip a few stems in a ditch with my "car scissors" {yes, I have car scissors for that exact reason. Are we really surprised?} I'm going to get in a wreck one of these days because I'm constantly scoping the side of the road for cool wild stems for my vases and jars!


        My garlands are handmade and were such fun DIYs. A couple really fun projects I'll be doing a blog post on very soon.


        Candleholders: My candleholders are all thrifted and made! My newest two are from The Mill House found on my mantle and couch wall shelf. My centerpiece candle holder is one of my recent DIYs! Keep an eye out for the blog coming soon!

Wooden Candle Holder in front of a wooden mantle with halloween decor and lit candles.


        Pumpkins: As much as I love pulling out my faux pumpkins, I love stopping my my local farm stand store Sugar Grove Growers



        Thrifty Tips: Make a plan to hit up the Halloween aisles the day after Halloween, or at least by the following week to score some pretty deep discounts on some spooky leftovers.  I always grab a bag or two of the Halloween party favors and glow sticks to save for the next year's trick-or-treaters! I haven't had any complaints yet for being "that house" that doesn't give out candy. I save a ton on candy {and calories} plus, I can carry it over from year to year. Decor pieces are always pretty cheap too! The skull on my mantle was only $6 at Home Goods. Witches hats for hanging are usually $3-8 each but can be found on clearance for 75% off. Dollar tree has battery operated candles for $1 each and they make for some spooky floating candles! I also like to grab my shredded fabric and gauze from DT.

Check out my Amazon Storefront for some decor pieces that are ready to ship! '

 Here are a few more shots! 

Halloween entryway


Halloween decor in mudroom


Halloween mudroom decor


Shelf decor on ikea diy shelves


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our Halloween home! What's your favorite way to decorate for Halloween? Comment below!


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