Two Ingredient Homemade Creamer

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        It's no secret, I'm a coffee drinker. Most people who know me, know I take my coffee with a splash of creamer. Several years ago, I stumbled across an article about artificially sweetened and flavored creamers {you know... the good stuff ;) } and the negative side of consuming it. I ignored it for a while, but {insert eyeroll} started looking into alternatives. I found that homemade creamer is actually pretty simple and contains WAY fewer ingredients and most importantly no "bad stuff". 

        I have been making this creamer for several years now and have had guests {including my husbands Army buddy} request the recipe! Super simple and cost effective.


What you'll need:

  • 1- 32oz. Mason jar {I prefer small mouth for pouring}
  • A wisk
  • Milk of your choice {the heavier the milk, the closer to creamer consistency to store-bough creamer, you can really use anything for this part though. I haven't tried dairy-free alternatives, but I'm sure they'd work too!}
  • 1- 14oz. can of sweetened condensed milk
  • {optional} Flavored syrup or extracts- read below!


        The instructions are pretty easy! Simply pour the sweetened condensed milk in the mason jar, then top it off just below the neck with milk. {Approximately 3.5 cups} I like to whisk as I add the milk a little at a time. It just helps the process go quicker and with less splashing. {Optional} add coffee syrups in your desired flavor. I usually add a couple tablespoons. 


That's it! Super simple and can be made to your liking. Check out some flavor combinations I've tried below! Let me know what add-ins you'd like to try and check out my morning coffee for inspo on Instagram!


{Salted Caramel} Torani Syrup in Salted Caramel, also available in sugar-free OR Caramel ice cream syrup with a dash of sea salt.

{Peppermint + Mocha} powder-crushed candy canes and cocoa powder or substitute candy canes for peppermint extract 

{Maple} A few tablespoons of maple syrup or maple extract. This one is also yummy with a dash of cinnamon.

{Mexican Vanilla} We picked up some vanilla from our cruise to Mexico! So yummy! We have also used vanilla extract from the grocery store for a classic vanilla flavor.

{Pumpkin Pie} 3 TBSP of pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice, a dash of vanilla. This is my husband's favorite! 


Pro-tip: Pour a little creamer into a small jar and use a frother like this one. Top off your coffee with the frothed creamer for a lifechanging experience! You're welcome ;) 


 Happy sipping! 


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